Shri Narendra Modi
Shri Narendra Modi
Prime Minister of India
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    E-Payment Authorization Status & Issue Register Report for the month of June, 2021

    calanders1 New Delhi, 06th July 2021 | Size:1.26 MB, Format: .pdf

    Reforms to promote Agri Export

    calanders2 11th June 2021 | Size:980.69 KB, Format: .pdf

    Reform Booklet DGTR_09022021

    calanders3 11th June 2021 | Size:2.26 MB, Format: .pdf

    Reforms in Export Promotion Councils Driving Trade

    calanders4 11th June 2021 | Size:5.73 MB, Format: .pdf

    India First In Trade Policy

    calanders5 11th June 2021 | Size:1.33 MB, Format: .pdf

    Short Term Training Programme on Basic Skills in Indian Sign Language

    calanderss1 28 March | 1.67 MB, Format: .pdf

    Workshop Organized by the ISTM regarding preparing Notes for Consideration of the Cabinet/Cabinet Committees- deputation of Director/ Deputy Secretary/Under Secretary level Officers.

    calanderss2 14 February 2020 | 779.11 KB, Format: .pdf

    lnviting Quotations from Cert-in empanelled agencibs for conducting Security Audit of MAI Portal

    calandersss1 01 December | 1.41 MB, Format: .pdf

    RFP For Ranking States on the Basis of their Logistics Efficiency

    calandersss2 29 September | 825.38 KB, Format: .pdf

    RFP for Selection of Managed Service Provider (MSP) for Design, Development, lmplementation, Operation and Maintenance of lntegrated Logistics Planning and Performance Monitoring Tool (LPPT)

    calandersss3 29 September | 1.08 MB, Format: .pdf

    Tender Notice for cable TV services on rental basis in Department of Commerce, Udyog Bhawan, New Delhi

    calandersss4 17 September | 1.72 MB, Format: .pdf

    Procurement of Miscellaneous Items 2016-17

    calandersss5 28 August | 928.58 KB, Format: .pdf