Officers' Contact Details & Work Allocation

As on : 27/02/2015

Name :         Work Allocation :      
Designation :
Minister of State (Independent Charge) for Commerce & Industry
NameDesignationWorkOfficeEPABXEmailRoom No.
Smt. Nirmala SitharamanMOS (Ind.Charge) 23061008,23061492, 23062947(F) 45
Office of Minister of State (Independent Charge) for Commerce & Industry
(For appointment please mail to
NameDesignationWorkOfficeEPABXEmailRoom No.
Shri Ashish ChatterjeePS to MinisterPrivate Secretary to MoS(I/C)23062779, 23062947 (Fax)437 chatterjee.ashish@nic.in45C
N.D. BhutiaAddl. PS 23062223, 23063086, 23062447, 23062947 (F)494 nd.bhutia@gov.in45-B
Kunal PandeyAPS 23062223, 23063086, 23062447, 23062947 (F)494 kunal.pandey@nic.in45B
Akhil Kumar GautamAPS 23062223, 23063086, 23062447, 23062947 (F) 
Bhaskar2nd PA 23062223, 23063086, 23062447, 23062947 (F)494 45-B
Vivek KumarEO in O/o MOS 23062223, 23063086, 23062447, 23062947 (F)584 vivek.duklan@nic.in46
Personal sectionO/o MOS 23062223, 23063086, 23062447, 23062947 (F)543 42-D
Commerce Secretary
NameDesignationWorkOfficeEPABXEmailRoom No.
Shri Rajeev KherCS 23063664, 23063617, 23061796 (Fax) 143
Office of Commerce Secretary
NameDesignationWorkOfficeEPABXEmailRoom No.
----Kamal VermaPPS 23063664, 23063617, 23061796 (Fax)439 138
-- V.A.VenkatachalamPS 23063664, 23063617, 23061796 (Fax)439 csoffice@nic.in138
---- H. R.SharmaPPS 23063664,23063617439 138
----Personnal SectionO/o CS 23062801500 138
Special Secretary
NameDesignationWorkOfficeEPABXEmailRoom No.
Additional Secretary
NameDesignationWorkOfficeEPABXEmailRoom No.
Shri J.S DeepakASTrade Policy Division including RMTR and UNCTAD, Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) negotiations, EP(Services Export), New Convention Centre Projects, ITPO, Trade with CIS23062262444 js.deepak@nic.in240
--Anjana BattuPPS 23062262463 248
--Bhaskaran K.V.PS 23062262463 248
VacantAS 23061100473 121
-- S.K.DobhalPS 23061100468 125
Rajani Ranjan RashmiASPlantations, National Steering Committee on Organic Products, Chairman EIC; IBEF, Indian Institute of Packaging(IIP), FT(ST), FT(M&O) and SEZ/Export Oriented Units/Foreign Overseas Investment/Foreign Investment Promotion Board (Export Promotion) 23063460, 23063443447 rr.rashmi@nic.in243
---- Karam ChandPPS 23063460, 23063443618 242
----- Sh. S. NatarajanPA 23063460, 23063443618 242
Additional Secretary & Financial Adviser
NameDesignationWorkOfficeEPABXEmailRoom No.
Bhagwati Prasad PandeyAS&FAFinance, Budget & Accounts, Trade Finance23063215, 23062481 (Fax)412 asfa_com@nic.in35
R. K. DasPSPS23063215, 23062481 (Fax)442 137
Joint Secretary
NameDesignationWorkOfficeEPABXEmailRoom No.
-- Kuruvilla ThomasPPS 23062526425 k.thomas56@nic.in234
Shri Ravi CapoorJSFT(ASEAN), ESCAP, EP(Engg.) including Export of Defence and High Technology Products, GS1. 23063315474 ravi.capoor@nic.in216
-- Valsala M. RemeshPS 23063315475 288A
-- G.V.SubrahamanyamPA  475 288-A
Shri Arvind MehtaJSFT(SA/SAARC/Iran), E&MDA, MAI, ECGC, Exim Bank, EP(OP) & Vigilance Section. Addl:- FIEO23061274570 amehta84@nic.in287B
-- Manish WadheraPS 23061274407 216-D
--J.S.RawatPA 23061274407 216D
Shri Sumanta ChaudhuriJSTPD(NAMA, Textiles, Disputes Settlement and Rules, Trade Facilitation, Customs valuation, Import Licensing Procedures, RMTR and CRTA, APTA, BIMSTEC, GSP, Accession, CTD and Aid for Trade Initiative, Trade & Transfer of Technology, Trade Debt and Finance, Electronic Commerce).UNCTAD (including GSTP), Small Economies and LDCs, Investment (including TRIMS) and Competition, Government Procurement, IBSA, BRICS and RCEP Negotiations, India-EU BTIA and India-EFTA 23063766633 sumanta.chaudhuri@nic.in287
--Surinder SinghPS 23063766509 216D
--Sanjeev KumarPS 23063766509 216D
Shri J. K. DadooJSFT(Australia and New Zealand), Anti Dumping and Subsidies, Board of Safeguards, IIFT, EP(ECS), EP(LSG), Infrastructure, ASIDE Scheme, States Cell, Main-streaming of States in International Trade and Export Promotion in the North-East23061971469 j.k.dadoo@nic.in132
--Sudhir Arora PPS 23061971448 32A
-- Rajendran A.R.PS 23061971448 32A
Shri Sudhanshu PandeyJSTPD(Agriculture, Safeguards, SPS, TBT, TNC and General Council, Centre for WTO Studies, NCTI, Environment and Labour, STEs, BIPA, Ministerial Conference), TPD(Coordination and Administration), TPD(Services) and TRIPS, EP Pharmaceuticals (Pharmexil), EP(Services), Hindi Division and Export Inspection23061377530 js1tpd-doc@nic.in241
-- Shri Ratan LalSr.PPS 23061377531 250B
Dammu RaviJSFT(Europe), CAPEXIL, SHEFEXIL and FT(LAC)23061664471 247
---Ms Sowmia SwaminathanPPS 23061664446 250B
--Tejpal ChohanPS 23061818626 163
VacantJS 23063244426 220
--- Ms. Vidya NandakumarPPS 23063244574 224B
Shri SiddharthJSDGS&D, Addl. Charge:- EP(Gems and Jewellary), Kimberley Process 
Dr. Guruprasad MohapatraJSFT(CIS), Public Grievances & Trade Finance,Supply Division, Offset Policy, Parliament, SEZ, EOU, FOI, RTI Cell , FT(Africa), FT(WANA)23061837460 gp.mohapatra@nic.in249
----- Ms. Giby AlosyousPS 23061837419 250-B
Shri Santosh Kumar SarangiJSAdministration, FT(Co-ord), O&M/IWSU/CM&T, FT(NAFTA/AM), EP(Agri), Bio-Technology and EP(MP)23061818441 santosh.sarangi@nic.in233
--Suresh RawatPS 23062526425 234
---- Ms. Anita SharmaPPS 23061818425 anita.sharma99@nic.in234
Shri Bhupinder Singh BhallaJSFT(Africa), FT(WANA), EP(CHEMEXCIL) and Administration of EP(CAP), EP(Textiles), PLEXCONCIL and FT(NEA)23062660417 288
---- Shailendra BahugunaPPS 23062660524 215
--Manish GosainPA 23062660524 215
NameDesignationWorkOfficeEPABXEmailRoom No.
Additional DGFT
NameDesignationWorkOfficeEPABXEmailRoom No.
Economic Advisers
NameDesignationWorkOfficeEPABXEmailRoom No.
Sushmita DasguptaEconomic AdviserEconomic Division(EPL1)23061746481 228
---Sanjay BhallaPS 23061746450 237A
Rupa DuttaEconomic AdviserEconomic Division(EPL2)23061341517 rupa.dutta@nic.in225-A
---- Ms. Neetu SuriPS 23061341565 222
Advisor (Cost)
NameDesignationWorkOfficeEPABXEmailRoom No.
Shri I. P. SinghAdvisorDGAD 
G RamachandranAdvisorAnti-DumpingShifted to Jeewan Tara Building
Deputy Director General (NIC)
NameDesignationWorkOfficeEPABXEmailRoom No.
Sh. A.K. SinhaDeputy Director General (NIC)EDI23061299461 263B
-------Suraj SinghPA 23061299450 237A
Senior Technical Director (NIC)
NameDesignationWorkOfficeEPABXEmailRoom No.
Dr. V.K. SharmaSenior Technical Director (NIC)NIC Computer Centre Incharge23063917648 vinay.sharma@nic.in264
NameDesignationWorkOfficeEPABXEmailRoom No.
Mathai, Ms. Anu P.DirectorTPD(Agri)23061075472 deatpd-doc@nic.in216 B
--MadhulikaPA 23061075571 216D
Shri Sanjeet SinghDirectorFT(China), Japan and Korea23062109455 sanjeet@nic.in263C
--N.Ajay BabuPS 23062109450 237A
Shri Narain DassDirectorE.II, E.III, GA, Protocol, Cash-I/Cash II, Women Cell, Facilitation Counter, Work Station and R&I23063050660 dass.narain@nic.in279-B
--Ms MamtaPS 23063050567 276
Shri Prem Chand ValetiDirectorFT(SA/SAARC/Iran)23062929 454premchand.v@nic.in223C
-- Suman SinghPA 23062929574 224B
Shri Ajit B. ChavanDirectorEP(Agri/Biotechnology)23063691566 chavan@nic.in224-D
--Ritu AnejaPA 23063691423 217
Shri Tapan MazumdarDirectorTPD23062562573 d1tpd-doc@nic.in279C
Shri R. K. OjhaDirectorTrade Finance, Public Grievances, TP(ITPO, IIFT)23062926453 rk.ojha@nic.in223-B
----- Sh. Anil Kumar VermaPS 23062926565 222
Smt. DevkiDirectorHindi23063792513 dirol-doc@nic.in17
-- Sushila KujurPS 23063792513 17
Shri R. P. SinghDirectorFT(Europe.I), India-EU BTIA, Addl:- FT(Europe-II), India EFTA TEPA negotiations23062932467 rajpsingh@nic.in246A
---Suklal BarmaPS 23062932636 250A
Santosh KumarDirectorE&MDA, ECGC, IBEF, Exim Bank and MAI23063365457 santosh.kumar72@nic.in219
--Sandeep KumarPA 23063365423 217
Ms. Mugdha SinhaDirectorFT(LAC), FT(NAFTA/AM), EP(Textiles)23062618590 mugdha.sinha@nic.in279-D
-- Ms Mariamma K.PS 23062618569 286
Ms. Vandana YadavDirectorPlantations, IIP23062863510 vandana.yadav@nic.in280
--V.K.SharmaPA 23062863567 276
Sumantra Pal DirectorDGADShifted to Jeewan Tara Building
Ashok KumarDirector Supply Division, RTI Cell, Vigilance 23061139 250
Raj KumarPPS 23061139450 237A
G R WadhwaDirectorDGADShifted to Jeewan Tara Building
-- Ms Saroj M. Vanvari PA 23062128450 237A
Madhup VyasDirectorSEZ, EOUs and FOI23063294 280A
--K.Tej PrasadPA 23063294569 286
Amrit Raj DirectorFT(ASEAN), ESCAP, 23061807 224
-- Ms Sundari PenneswaranPA 23061807574 224B
Shri M C LutherDirectorIFD, FT(Coord), EP(MP)23061624669 cecil.luther@nic.in225
--- N. RadhakrishnanPA  423 217
Anice Joseph ChandraDirectorTPD23063642521 d4tpd-doc@nic.in285
Piyush SrivastavaDirectorEPL-II23063960589 piyush.s@nic.in223A
--Rajeev RanjanPA 23063960565 222
Ms. Anuradha GuruDirectorRMTR23061888433 d2rmtr-doc@nic.in220
--Narinder Kaur KalraPA 23061888423 217
Ms. Aparna SinhaDirectorTPD(Services)23061845443 jd1tpd-doc@nic.in216-A
Director (Foreign Trade)
NameDesignationWorkOfficeEPABXEmailRoom No.
Mohapatra, D.P. Director (Foreign Trade)DGAD23061845 443 216 A
R. MuthurajDirector (Foreign Trade)EP(Pharmexcil), FT(Australia & New Zealand)23063624462 muthuraj.r@nic.in280-B
Shri Satyan ShardaDirector (Foreign Trade)Anti-Dumping.23062817459 216-C
Ms. ShubhraDirector (Foreign Trade)DGADShifted to Jeewan Tara Building
Shri Vijay KumarDirector (Foreign Trade)TPD and RMTR23062286 221
Aditi Das RoutDirector (Foreign Trade)FT(ST) and FT(M&O)23063434421 adrout@nic.in279A
Shri S. S. DasDirector (Foreign Trade)DGADShifted to Jeewan Tara Building
A. Bipin MenonDirector (Foreign Trade)RMTR23062577483 224C
Raj KamalDirector (Foreign Trade)DGAD23063461640
Dr. Rajiv AroraDirector (Foreign Trade)DGAD   
Press Information Bureau
NameDesignationWorkOfficeEPABXEmailRoom No.
Rajinder ChaudhryDirector(M & C) 23063622430 press.commerce@gmail.com267 B
Additional Economic Adviser
NameDesignationWorkOfficeEPABXEmailRoom No.
Ms. Sangeeta SaxenaAdditional Economic AdviserTPD, EP(Services)23062593488 dd2tpd-doc@nic.in283
Samir KumarAdditional Economic AdviserEPL23062527300 samirkumar@nic.in226B
vacantAdditional Economic AdviserEPL23062704 583 223
Addl. General Manager (Systems)
NameDesignationWorkOfficeEPABXEmailRoom No.
R.K. AroraAddl. General Manager(Systems)eTrade23062261456 rkarora@nic.in218
Joint Director
NameDesignationWorkOfficeEPABXEmailRoom No.
Smt. Ashwini LalJoint DirectorEPL II23062704 583 223
Pawan KumarJoint DirectorDGADShifted to Jeewan Tara Building
---Ms JyotiPA 23062197423 217
Saibal SarkarJoint DirectorDGADShifted to Jeewan Tara Building
Gandharb PradhanJoint DirectorDGAD  Shifted to jeevan tara building
Deputy Secretary
NameDesignationWorkOfficeEPABXEmailRoom No.
Shri G. B. UpadhyayDeputy SecretaryE.I, E.IV, TA/TC23062530451 gbu@nic.in224A
---Shri Ashish DuttPA 23062530565 222
Shri H. K. RoyDeputy SecretaryParliament related work23062879 226
-- Anuj KumarPA 23062879423 217
Suresh Kumar SharmaDeputy SecretaryEP(OP) and EP(ECS) 23061545619 sharma.suresh@nic.in347
--Arun KumarPA 23061545619 347
N. RamakrishnanDeputy SecretaryEP(Engineering) including Defence and High Technology Exports, Shefexil and Capexil 23062525 502ramakrishnan.n@nic.in476 B
----Devender SattiPS 23062525665 425A
----Chander MohanPA 23063294569 286
Amit SinglaDeputy SecretaryTPD, CWTOS, NCTI23063400 279
--Sheena SanthoshPA 23063400569
K.K. DaimaryDeputy SecretaryState Cell23063268445 k.daimary@yahoo.in263-A
--Birendra KumarPA 23063268450 237A
M Imkongla Jamir Deputy SecretaryFT(CIS), FT(WANA), EP-EI, Offset Policy23063648563 imkongla.jamir@nic.in284
--Ms Veena RawatPA 23063648567 276
Himani Sarad Deputy SecretaryFT(Africa), Chemexil, Plexoncil, Administration of EP(CAP), 23062704583 himani.sarad@gov.in223
--Ms Sujatha DevidasonPA 23062704574 224B
S.T. VenkatachalapathyDeputy SecretaryO&M/IWSU/CM&T, Nodal Officer for monitoring of court cases of different divisions of Deptt. of Commerce as also furnish relevant information on litigation cases pending before various Courts/Tribunals to the Cabinet Secretariat etc.   
Deputy Secretary (Foreign Trade)
NameDesignationWorkOfficeEPABXEmailRoom No.
Ms. Rita MahnaDeputy Secretary (Foreign Trade)DGAD   
Deputy Economic Advisor
NameDesignationWorkOfficeEPABXEmailRoom No.
Joint DGFT
NameDesignationWorkOfficeEPABXEmailRoom No.
Shri Shobhit JainJoint DGFTInfrastructure, ASIDE, NE Cell, Mainstreaming States in Trade23062817459 moc-dirinfra@nic.in216 C
---- Ms. Anita AroraPS 23062817423 217
Under Secretary
NameDesignationWorkOfficeEPABXEmailRoom No.
Rajeev KumarUnder SecretaryE&MDA 23061764484 k.rajeev75@nic.in516 A
R. S. BishtUnder SecretaryEP(Agri) - II23062261495 moc_epagri2@nic.in445
Sandeep VermaUnder SecretaryEP(Agri)23062261429 moc_epagri1@nic.in445
P. DasguptaUnder SecretaryFT(SA)23061974652 p.dasgupta@nic.in427
Kumar, S.S. Under SecretaryEOU/FOI Addl. Charge: SEZ23061545593
Narayan PrasadUnder SecretaryTPD23063916554 us2tpd-doc@nic.in423
Yash PalUnder SecretaryTPD Services, EP(LSG)23062044609 us4tup-doc@nic.in556B
Meena PillaiUnder SecretaryFT (WANA) 23062837620 349A
A.K.SinhaUnder SecretaryDGADShifted to Jeewan Tara Building
Shyamal SamadderUnder SecretaryO&M, RTI Additonal:- T.P.23063694600 shyamal.samadder@nic.in556A
Shri Pradeep KumarUnder SecretaryPlantation23062510485 moc_plantc@nic.in441
Narinder PaulUnder SecretaryFT(Europe)23061024610 narinder.paul@nic.in548
Rajender KalwaniUnder SecretaryFT(NEA) - excluding China23063428694 rajender.kalwani@nic.in477
Shri Dharmender KumarUnder SecretaryFT(Europe)23063943621
Shri T. N. PremUnder SecretaryFT(Africa) 23063694594 tn.prem@nic.in556-A
O.P. JoshiUnder SecretaryFinance Division23061762522 346
Smt. R. Lakshmi DeviUnder SecretaryEP(E&SW) 23063265 68862 B
Anjali AnandUnder SecretaryPlantations23062510 441
Kamana S DikshitUnder SecretaryFinance Division23061762505 346
Balbir SinghUnder SecretaryFT(NAFTA), FT(LAC)23061139668 balbir.singh67@nic.in511
Anil Kumar SharmaUnder SecretaryTPD23063423402
Uday Shanker PandeyUnder SecretaryFT(SA)23061974 us.pandey@nic.in427
Joseph Atul T. BarlaUnder SecretaryFT(Europe)23063311516 510 A
Mahender ChaudharyUnder SecretaryE.IV, TA/TC, Work Station, Record Cell, R&I and Facilitation counter, Women Cell23061933639
Manoj Kumar SinghUnder SecretaryFT(Europe)23063943612 19 A
Shri N. K. KumarUnder SecretaryFT(China) 23063428694 nk.kumar@nic.in477
Kabiraj SabarUnder SecretarySEZ23062496614 kabiraj.sabar@nic.in477B
M. S. BanerjeeUnder SecretaryFT(M&O)23061732512 250A
Sanjay KumarUnder SecretaryTPD23063916 423
Ms. Dona GhoshUnder SecretaryDGADShifted to Jeewan Tara Building
Kanti BhaiUnder SecretaryFinance 480 278
R. RajakannuUnder SecretaryInfra-I23061732511 r.rajakannu@nic.in250A
Rajesh KumarUnder SecretaryFT(EA) & FT(SEA)   278
Pawan KumarUnder SecretaryTPD23062044628 us6tpd-doc@nic.in556-B
Murlidhar M. NatwarUnder SecretaryInfra-II & State Cell  mm.natwar@nic.in250-A
Sanjay Kumar ChaurasiaUnder SecretaryRMTR23062044623 usrmtr-doc@nic.in556-B
Munna PrasadUnder SecretaryE.II, E.III, Protocol, Cash-I, Cash-II23061024630 m.prasad@nic.in548
Manoj KumarUnder SecretaryGeneral Administration Section and TPD Divison (to help in the Services Conclave upto May, 2015)   
Sanjeev ThapliyalUnder SecretaryFT(ST)   
Deputy Director
NameDesignationWorkOfficeEPABXEmailRoom No.
vacantDeputy DirectorEPL 487 moc_eplan@nic.in510
Sh. O.P. Kala Deputy DirectorEPL23062128550 moc_ecodiv@nic.in31-B
M. K. SahooDeputy DirectorDGADShifted to Jeewan Tara Building
Kanishk Kant SrivastavaDeputy DirectorDGADShifted to Jeewan Tara Building
Smt. Santosh SilpokarDeputy DirectorHindi Division23062261643 62 B
Niyati JoshiDeputy DirectorDGADShifted to Jeewan Tara Building
Manisha MeenaDeputy DirectorTPD23063423561
Senior Analyst
NameDesignationWorkOfficeEPABXEmailRoom No.
Assistant Director
NameDesignationWorkOfficeEPABXEmailRoom No.
Bhaskar Kumar MishraAssistant DirectorHindi23062261408 moc_hindi@nic.in20B
Vivek ChaudharyAssistant DirectorTPD23063038562 ad1tpd-doc@nic.in539
Shweta Rao B.Assistant DirectorTPD23063038 539
Sarah MujeebAssistant DirectorEPL23061764484 sarah.mujeeb@nic.in516A
Ajit Kumar RanjanAssistant DirectorEPL23062128550 31-B
Sukhdeep SinghAssistant DirectorEPL23062261
Desk Officers/Section Officers/Research Officer
NameDesignationWorkOfficeEPABXEmailRoom No.
Jaishree KakkarDO/SO/ROExport Inspection 548 563
Nil Madhav BiswasDO/SO/ROE-I23062261416 moc_est1@nic.in26
Rajesh BhurariaDO/SO/ROFT(Aus/NZ)23062261 447
Smt. Sudesh KumariDO/SO/ROEP(OP&S)23062261547 moc_epecsw@nic.in537
Manjula JunejaDO/SO/ROCash-II23062261501 moc_ddo@nic.in19
Naresh chandDO/SO/ROEP(Engg)23062261518 moc_epengg@nic.in558A
Sreetama SamantaDO/SO/ROE-III23062261559 moc_est3@nic.in348
vacantDO/SO/ROFT(ST)23062261489 moc_ftst@nic.in542A
Anil SinghDO/SO/ROPlant C and D23062261622 moc_plantc@nic.in350 A
Alok VermaDO/SO/ROStates Cell23062261534 moc_states@nic.in542B
Ram KishanDO/SO/ROTA/TC23062261560 moc_tc@nic.in557A
Deepak SethiDO/SO/ROVigilance23062261428 moc_vig@nic.in425
Subhashree ADO/SO/ROTPD23062261611 424
Shyamal Kumar BitDO/SO/ROTPD23062261611
Bhaskar KalraDO/SO/ROEP(G&J)23062261549 moc_epgj@nic.in444
Ramesh ChandraDO/SO/ROplant A23062261506 moc_planta@nic.in350
Vivek JayaswalDO/SO/ROFT(LAC)23062261529 moc_ftlac@nic.in559
S. S. RawatDO/SO/ROFT(CIS) 23062261552 moc_ftcis@nic.in538
Antony XavierDO/SO/ROE.IV, Women Cell23062261401 moc_est4@nic.in557 A
Smt. Manjula JunejaDO/SO/ROCash-I23062261424 moc_cash1@nic.in33
Yogesh NarayanDO/SO/ROTrade Finance 23062261558 moc_tfs@nic.in538
Bimlesh Kumar JhaDO/SO/ROEP (Agri )23062261429 445
vacantDO/SO/ROEP (Agri III)23062261654 moc_epagri3@nic.in445
A. K. GovilaDO/SO/ROEP (LSG)23062261615 moc_eplsg@nic.in558A
Kusam VasishtDO/SO/ROESCAP23062261411 moc_escap@nic.in563
Suresh Kumar V.KDO/SO/ROFOI23062261 558
Subhash ChanderDO/SO/ROFT(NAFTA)23062261588
Kailash Chandra BiswalDO/SO/ROSEZ23062261498 moc_epz@nic.in558B
R. K. HansdaDO/SO/ROEP (Textiles) and Addl charge: R&I23062261659 moc_eptext@nic.in561
Prashant PandeyDO/SO/ROFT(Coord)23062261503 moc_ftcoord@nic.in425-A
Kumar ShailendraDO/SO/ROEPL23062261487 moc_eplan1@nic.in510
V.SurendraDO/SO/ROFT(SA)23062261652 moc_ftsa@nic.in427
R.K DuttaDO/SO/ROFT(WANA)23062837620 349A
Vinod KumarDO/SO/ROSEZ23062261498 moc_epz@nic.in558 B
U.K BhattacharyaDO/SO/ROE-II23062261410 moc_est2@nic.in422
Sanjay KerkettaDO/SO/ROTP23062261540 moc_tp@nic.in561
Balam Singh ManralDO/SO/ROTPD23062261611 moc_tpd2@nic.in424
Ms.Usha SreenivasanDO/SO/ROFT(ASEAN)23062261617 moc_ftea@nic.in447
Om Parkash-IIDO/SO/ROFT(M&O)23062261497 moc_ftmo@nic.in446
Laxman DassDO/SO/ROO&M, CMT, IWSU23062261479 moc_iwsu@nic.in512
Sanjay KumarDO/SO/ROE&MDA23062261587 moc_mda@nic.in558C
Om PrakashDO/SO/ROInfra-II23062261546 moc_infra2@nic.in541-A
M.Rama PratapDO/SO/ROInfra-I23062261551 moc_infra1@nic.in542
Ajay Kumar SahDO/SO/ROEP(MP)23062261504 moc_epmp@nic.in446-A
Akhilesh Kumar MishraDO/SO/RODGAD 
V.P RajvediDO/SO/ROEOU 23062261608 moc_ep@nic.in558
Mukesh KumarDO/SO/ROGeneral Administration, 23062261415 moc_admin@nic.in27C
Shyamal SilDO/SO/RORMTR 23062261545 moc_rmtr@nic.in543
Pankaj GangwarDO/SO/ROFT(Africa)23062261553 moc_ftaf@nic.in476A
Ravi ShankarDO/SO/ROPlant-B23062261507 moc_plantb@nic.in350-A
Goldi ChajgotraDO/SO/ROEP(CAP)23062261486 moc_epcap@nic.in562
Shiv KumarDO/SO/ROProtocol23061591432 30C
Prem NathDO/SO/RODGAD   
vacantDO/SO/RO 23063282564 349
Anurag SharmaDO/SO/ROCash-II 501 19
Economic Officers
NameDesignationWorkOfficeEPABXEmailRoom No.
Vivek KumarEOAttached to Office of Minister of State (Independent Charge) for Commerce & Industry  
Electronic Commerce
NameDesignationWorkOfficeEPABXEmailRoom No.
National Informatics Centre - Computer Centre
NameDesignationWorkOfficeEPABXEmailRoom No.
Dr.V.K.SharmaSenior Technical DirectorNIC Computer Centre In Charge23063917648 vinay.sharma@nic.in264
Smt. Anupam SrivastavaPrincipal Systems Analyst 23062261418 anupam@nic.in264
Mohd. Saleemuddin KhanPrincipal Systems Analyst 23062261449 saleem@nic.in237
Supply Division
NameDesignationWorkOfficeEPABXEmailRoom No.
A.K. SinghDirectorInternal Finance  237 Jeevan Tara Building, Parliament Street
Ajay KumarUnder SecretaryCadre / O&M23062496 227(A) - C, Nirman Bhavan
Sanjoy ShankarUnder SecretaryPurchase / Policy / NEGP-MMP/Cash23062805 227-C, Nirman Bhavan
Parimal KaranUnder SecretaryEstablishment/General/CR23061376 230-C, Nirman Bhavan
Parvati ChandranUnder SecretaryAdministration/Vigilance/Budget23062441 229-C, Nirman Bhavan
Vikash JaitlyUnder SecretaryInternal Finance 23362920 306, Jeevan Tara Building, Parliament Street
MithleshDeputy DirectorCost23364748 307, Jeevan Tara Building, Parliament Street
Sujit Kumar DasDO/SO/ROEstablishment - II23061686 221-C, Nirman Bhavan
VacantDO/SO/ROEstablishment - I23061686 221-C, Nirman Bhavan
Gauri Shankar JhaDO/SO/ROPolicy23063626 222-C, Nirman Bhavan
Harkesh ChanderDO/SO/ROAdministration/Budget/DDO23061123 224-C, Nirman Bhavan
Binod Kumar DO/SO/ROGeneral/Central Registry23061260 224-C, Nirman Bhavan
Alok Kumar NandiDO/SO/ROVigilance23062255 231-C, Nirman Bhavan
Suman ParmarDO/SO/ROPurchase23062877 326-C, Nirman Bhavan
Roshan LalDO/SO/ROCadre/O&M23062528 326-C, Nirman Bhavan
N. MuthukumarDO/SO/ROAttached with JS (Supply)23063315 512, Udyog Bhavan
General Services
NameDesignationWorkOfficeEPABXEmailRoom No.
CanteenGeneral Services 23062261599 Gr Floor
CarpenterGeneral Services 23062261603 Basement
Central Bank of IndiaGeneral Services 23062261597
Conf. Room No. 141General Services 23062261496 141
Conf. Room No. 263General Services 23062261624 263
CPWD (Civil)General Services 23063738604 Gt. No. 18
CPWD (Elect)General Services 23061677605
Cyclostylying UnitGeneral Services 23062261673 31A
Facilitation counterGeneral Services 23062261532 basement
Furniture CellGeneral Services 23062261490 27C
Hindi Training CentreGeneral Services 23062261672 540
LibraryGeneral Services 23062261598 51
Night Duty CellGeneral Services 23063286 FC Gate
Office CouncilGeneral Services 23062261528 Basement
Reception Gate No. 12General Services 23062261526 Gate No 13
Record CellGeneral Services 23062261576 30B
Staff Car CellGeneral Services 23062261415 27C
Stationery CellGeneral Services 23062261591 Basement
Tea BoardGeneral Services 23062261525 IInd Floor
Welfare CellGeneral Services 23062261415 27C
Work StationGeneral Services 23062261431 267A
Coffee BoardGeneral Services 23062261499 53A
Sanjay SharmaGeneral ServicesCashier Cell23062261544 29A