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The Kimberley Process Certification Scheme (KPCS) requires each participant to impose internal controls over production and trade of rough diamonds. Trading in rough diamonds with a non-participant is not allowed. All exports of rough diamonds have to be accompanied by a valid KP Certificate stating that diamonds are conflict free. KPCS currently has 54 member states including the European Community representing 28 member states. Thus, it has a membership of 81 countries. All major diamond producing, trading and polishing centres are members of KP. Civil Society and industry groups also actively participate in the KP.

The UN General Assembly adopted Resolution 55/56 in December 2000 endorsing and legitimizing the Kimberley Process. The Security Council also endorsed KPCS in its Resolution 1459 (20003). The Scheme was formally launched at a Ministerial Meeting in Interlaken, Switzerland in November 2002. The participants agreed to begin a simultaneous implementation of the Certificate Scheme in January 2003.

India is one of the founding members of KPCS and was the Chair of the KPCS in the year 2008.