Shri Narendra Modi
Shri Narendra Modi
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Export Inspection Council

The Export Inspection Council (EIC) is the official export –certification body of India which ensures quality and safety of products exported from India. EIC was set up by the Government of India under Section 3 of the Export (Quality Control and Inspection) Act, 1963 to ensure sound development of export trade of India through quality control and inspection and matters connected therewith. The role of EIC is to ensure that products notified under the Export (Quality Control and Inspection) Act 1963 are meeting the requirements of the importing countries in respect of their quality and safety.

The Export Inspection Council is located at Delhi and is headed by a Chairman. The Executive Head of the Council is the Director of Inspection & Quality Control who is responsible for day to day functioning of the Council. The assurance to quality and safety is provided through either a consignment wise inspection or a quality assurance / food safety management based certification through its field organization. The Export Inspection Agencies (EIAs) located at Mumbai, Kolkata, Kochi, Delhi and Chennai with a network of 30 sub offices backed by the state of art, NABL accredited laboratories at various places. EIC provides mandatory certification for various Food items namely fish & fishery products, dairy product, honey, egg products, meat and meat products, poultry meat products, animal casing, Gelatine, Ossein and crushed bones and feed additive and pre-mixtures while other food and non-food products are certified on voluntary basis. With more than four decade experience in the field of inspection, testing and certification of food items as per importing country’s requirements, EIC is the only organization in India having global acceptance.