Shri Narendra Modi
Shri Narendra Modi
Prime Minister of India
Plantation (A)-Tea
Functions of the Division

All aspects of the work relating to tea including the following:

  • Reconstitution of the Board of Tea Board after every 3 years
  • Administrative control over the Tea Board including appointments of officers of the level of Director and above in the Tea Board Headquarters/Foreign Offices.
  • Implementation of the Tea Act, 1953 and Tea Rules, 1954
  • Implementation of Tea Control Orders
    • Tea Marketing (Control Orders, 2003
    • Tea (Distribution and Export) Control Order, 2005.
    • Tea (Waste) Control Order, 1959
    • Tea (Write off Losses) Rules, 1996
    • Tea Warehouses (Licensing) Order, 1989
  • Plan Schemes of the Tea Board
  • Release of Fund to Tea Board
  • Court Cases relating to tea
  • Replying to Parliament Questions, Zero Hour Mentions, Special Mentions, Matters raised under Rule 377 relating to tea
  • Laying of Annual Reports & Accounts of Tea Board each year on each Houses of Parliament
  • Laying of Notifications issued under Tea Rules/Control Orders from time to time.
  • Organising visits of Parliamentary Committees
  • Submitting Implementation Reports on Parliamentary Assurances to Ministry of Parliamentary Assurances.
  • Submitting Implementation Report on Audit /PAC relating to Tea
  • PMO/VIP references relating to tea.
  • Finalising Calender of Events of Tea Board for participation in International events/fairs/exhibitions
  • Public Grievances relating to tea
  • RTI application relating to tea
  • Any other issues concerning tea industry not covered above
Officers in the Division
Shri Diwakar Nath MisraJoint Secretary
Ms. Jyoti YadavDeputy Secretary
Smt. Anjali AnandUnder Secretary
Shri Ramesh ChandraSection Officer