Shri Narendra Modi
Shri Narendra Modi
Prime Minister of India
Plantation (C)-Rubber
Functions of the Division
  • Legislation/ amendment of
    • Rubber Act, 1947
    • Rules and Regulations framed under the Act.
  • Reconstitution of Rubber Board established under Rubber Act, 1947.
  • Matters relating to export/import of natural Rubber
  • Proposals received from Rubber Board.
  • Implementation of Research and Development schemes for Rubber.
  • Deputation of delegations abroad for participating in trade fairs/Conference/Seminars training etc.
  • Budget matters/RE/BE/Outcome budget in respect of Rubber Board.
  • Establishment matters relating to Rubber Board including court cases, ,appointments, creation of posts, abolition of posts etc.
  • Answering of Parliament Questions/Special References/Cut Motions/Assurances etc. relating to Rubber.
  • Disposal of VIP references relating to Rubber sector.
  • Laying of Annual reports/Notifications relating to Rubber Board/Act/rules/Regulations on the Table on both the House of Parliament.
  • Preparation of Action Taken Report on audit observations/paras..
  • Matter relating to pre-budget, post-budget proposals /GST.
  • Release of Funds to Rubber Board.
  • Disposal of Grievances/RTI references relating to Rubber / Rubber Board.
  • Work relating to Price Stabilization Fund Trust.
Officers in the Division
Dr. Krishan KumarJoint Secretary
  • Room No. 162-B, Udyog Bhavan
  • Tel : 23062660
  • Email : dr[dot]krishan-doc[at]gov[dot]in
Shri Devesh GuptaDeputy Secretary
  • Room No. 283
  • Tel : 23062593
  • Email : devesh[dot]gupta79[at]nic[dot]in
Shri M. S. Banerjee Under Secretary
  • Room No. 516 A, Udyog Bhavan
  • Tel : 23061764
  • Email : k[dot]rajeev75[at]nic[dot]in
Ms. Sumona BhattacharyaSection Officer
  • Room No. 350-A, Udyog Bhavan
  • Tel : 23062261
  • Email : moc_plantc[at]nic[dot]in