Shri Narendra Modi
Shri Narendra Modi
Prime Minister of India
Electronics and Computer Software
Functions of the Division
  • Recommendations for proposals of Electronics & Computer Software Export Promotion Council (ESC) under Market Access Initiative (MAI) scheme of DoC for export promotion activities in India and abroad;
  • Examination of outcome reports of export promotion activities done by the ESC;
  • Budget Proposals relating to Electronic Hardware Goods for the Union Budget;
  • Participation in the meetings of Working Committee of ESC;
  • Participation in meetings of Appraisal Committee of Modified Special Incentive Package Scheme (M-SIPS) convened by Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology (MeitY);
  • Participation in meetings of Project Review Committee (PRC) for Electronic Manufacturing Cluster (EMC) Scheme convened by MeitY;
  • Participation in meetings of Scheme for Promotion of Manufacturing of Electronic Components and Semiconductors (SPECS) convened by MeitY;
  • Export related problems of Electronic Hardware Goods;
  • Project proposals from Industry Associations for export promotion;
  • Representation from Industry/ ESC regarding constraints/ problems relating to Export Promotion;
  • Issues concerning Electronic Hardware Goods for bilateral/ multilateral trade promotion/ Trade barriers/ NonTariff Barriers;
  • PMO References, VIP References, Misc. References, RTI Applications, and Parliament Questions, FT(Coord) References, Economic Division References, etc.
Officers in the Division
Shri Manish ChadhaJoint Secretary
  • Room No : 243, Udyog Bhavan, New Delhi
  • Tel : 23063460 (Direct); & 23062261 – Extn. 447
  • Email: chadha[dot]manish[at]gov[[dot]in
Alok MalviyaDirector
  • Room No : 223-A, Udyog Bhavan, New Delhi
  • Email: alok[dot]malviya[at]nic[dot]in
VacantUnder Secretary
Shri Ravinder KumarSection Officer
  • Room No : 542-A, Udyog Bhavan, New Delhi
  • Tel : 23038667 (Direct); & 23062261 – Extn. 667
  • Email: moc_epecsw[at]nic[dot]in
Bilateral Trade Statistics
2009-10 173550 36583 68400 14418 241950 51001 25900 5460
2010-11 187000 41045 75500 16571 262500 57616 40400 8867
2011-12 240700 50146 85800 17875 326500 68021 42627 8881
2012-13 307000 56852 98000 18148 405000 75000 44000 8148
2013-14 384500 63648 123000 20361 507500 84009 46300 7664
2014-15 459161 75100 134508 22000 593669 97100 36756 6012
2015-16 535300 81800 165235 25250 700535 107050 37328 5704
2016-17 569565 84934 174800 26066 744365 111000 38127 5686
2017-18 592000 91840 181520 28160 773520 120000 39140 6072
2018-19 720920 103106 223000 31894 943920 135000 58956 8432
2019-20 765564 107948 241500 34052 1007064 142000 80081 11293
2020-21 810000 109047 275000 37022 1085000 146069 78627 10585
2021-22 951230 127699 330000 44301 1281230 172000 116893 15692
Trade Agreements & Negotiations

Not Applicable

Trade Promotion activities

Electronics and Computer Software Export Promotion Council (ESC), has emerged as the premier nodal agency to promote trade of information technology and Electronics between India and the rest
of the world. Headquartered at Delhi, the Council has regional offices at Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad and Kolkata as well as a representative office in Dubai. ESC has a membership base of over 2000 manufacturers and exporters covering the entire gamut of Electronics, Telecom and Software Industry (including: consumer electronics, electronic components, instrumentation, telecommunication hardware & services, computer hardware, computer software and information technology enabled services).

Starting in 1989, with an export performance of US$ 200 million, ESC has successfully steered the direction of India’s electronics and software and services export to reach an all time high of over US$ 187 billion during 2021-22. Under the aegis of the Council, the exports have reached more than 220 countries across the world establishing the hallmark of India’s quality and competitiveness. It is indeed a matter of pride that ESC’s members together contribute over 28 per cent
in India’s total export earnings.

ESC provides member exporters:
  • One-stop source of information on Trade related information and trade facilitation
  • Helping hand to members for participation in:
    • International trade fairs / Exhibitions
    • Buyer-Seller meets
    • Catalogue shows
    • Business delegations abroad
  • A platform between the industry and the Government to help members in policy and procedural matters
Market Access Initiative (MAI) scheme:

ESC acts as an implementation agency for the export promotional activities in India and overseas under the various programmes of the Govt. of India.
MAI : Market Access Initiative
ESC acts as a facilitator to facilitate Joint Ventures, Collaborations, Sub-Contracting tie-ups, technology transfer etc.
ESC keeps its members abreast of the latest developments in the world economic scenario and inform members about

  • Latest technological advances
  • Trade inquiries
  • Threats
  • International Tenders
    • ESC associated with MAIT to organise Electronics & Telecom Manufacturing Summit 2021 on 22-23 April 2021. The event provided a platform for industry leaders, government representatives, and subject matter experts in the electronics sector to discuss challenges, opportunities and provide a road map to not just make India a global hub for electronics manufacturing but also an export giant.
    • ESC organised a mentoring session on Raising Funds from Capital Market for SMEs/ Startups on 30th April 2021. The session was attended by over 100 ESC member companies.
    • Virtual B2B Meet with Laos: On 12th May 2021, ESC with the help of Embassy of India in Laos organised a B2B networking meet between Indian and Laos Electronics and Software Industry.
    • Session on “Online FOREX – FX – Retail” : On 21st May 2021, ESC organised a virtual session on Online Forex – FX – Retails which is a web based platform for anonymous and order driven dealing system in the USD / INR currency pair. Users can directly place orders and Buy & Sell USD on CASH, TOM, SPOT basis & book FORWARD Contracts on this platform.
    • ESC Session on Enterprise Risk Management. On 28th May 2021, ESC organised a session on Enterprise Risk Management during Pandemic. The participants learned how to react to the ever changing and challenging environment with the help of ERM.
    • MOU between ESC and BSE Ltd.: On 1st June 2021, BSE Ltd (earlier known as Bombay Stock Exchange) signed a MoU with ESC to create awareness about benefits of listing among information and communications technology (ICT) SMEs and startups. So far, 337 companies listed on BSE SME platform have raised Rs.3,497.52 crore from the market. Their market capitalisation is now Rs.26,314 crore.
    • India-Cyprus G2G Meet: A G2G meeting between Ministry of Energy, Commerce and Industry of Republic of Cyprus and Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises, India was held on 9th June, 2021 at 11 AM Cyprus time (1:30 pm IST). ESC represented the Electronics and IT sector during the meeting and presented various opportunities

for collaboration between Indian and Cyprus companies in these sectors.

  • ESC Session on: Going Global with Digital Marketing: On 11th June 2021, ESC organised a session on “Going Global with Digital Marketing” for the benefit of member companies. The speaker was Mr. Manoj Kotak, who has already conducted 110+ seminars on Digital Marketing and trained 7,500 business owners across 18 cities.
  • Virtual B2B Meet with Vietnam: On 18th June 2021, ESC with the help of Embassy of India in Vietnam organised a B2B networking meet between Indian and Vietnamese Electronics and Software Industry.
  • Session on PLI & SPECS Scheme: On 25th June 2021 ESC organised a session on PLI scheme inviting speakers from Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) and IFCI. The session was attended by 150+ ESC member companies.
  • India-LAC ICT Business Alliance Meet: On 29-30 June 2021, ESC organised a structured B2B meet between Indian IT Companies and delegates from the LAC region. 28 Indian software and services companies had business meetings with over 70 buyers from LAC.
  • Digital Business Connect for ICT Exporters : On 9th July 2021, ESC organised a session on Digital Business Connect for ICT Exporters. Speakers from ICICI Bank explained the participants about Managing & Reconciling Softex Submissions Digitally, Map remittances to invoices, Regularise export bills, Settle inward remittances and download FIRS.
  • GeM Training Session: On 26th July 2021, ESC organised a training session on Government e-Marketplace (GeM) for the electronics and IT companies.
  • India-Bangladesh ICT B2B Meet: On 27th July 2021, ESC organised B2B session between Indian and Bangladesh ICT companies. 35 Indian ICT companies met 48 companies from Bangladesh.
  • India-Africa Electronics B2B Meet: On 29-30 July 2021, ESC organised exclusive B2B meets between Indian electronics exporters and buyers from African Countries. 27 Indian electronics companies showcased their products to 100 buyers from 21 African countries. ESC tied up with various counterpart associations and Indian Missions Abroad for this program. The event website is www.indiaelectronicsexpo.com .
  • Key updates on GST and Related Compliances: On 6th August 2021 ESC organised a virtual session on GST and Related Compliances. M/s Ernst & Young (EY) was the Knowledge Partner for the Session.
  • India-Senegal B2B in ICT: On 11th August 2021, ESC organised a B2B meet between ICT companies of India and Senegal.
  • Exploring Business with South East Asia on Digital Economy. Electronics & IT Sector: On 24th August 2021 ESC Eastern Region Chapter organised a virtual session on Exploring Business with South East Asia on Digital Economy. Electronics & IT Sector with Focus Country as Malaysia. The program was attended by over 180 participants from India and Malaysia.
  • Webinar on “Software & Services in the Privacy Paradigm – Impact, Consideration and Challenges: With a view to help members appreciate nuances of Data Privacy, the Council organized a Webinar on “Software and Services in the Privacy Paradigm – Impact, Consideration and Challenges” on 25 August, 2021. The event broadly covered Personal Data Protection Bill, 2019, Privacy by Design in software, data subject requests and rights, privacy regulations etc. The speakers included Mr. Mandeep Singh Puri, Past Chairman ESC, Ms. Charanya Lakshmikumaran, Partner, Lashsmikumaran & Sridharan and Mr. Prashant Philips, Partner, Lashsmikumaran
    & Sridharan.
  • RODTEP Scheme – Interactive Session with Experts from Lakshmikumaran & Sridharan Attorneys: On 31st August 2021, ESC organised an interactive session on RoDTEP scheme to clear the doubts of the members and various calculations. Experts from Lakshmikumaran & Sridharan Attorneys.
  • Customs compliances & Incentives GST Audit & Investigations: On 2nd September 2021, ESC organised a Virtual Session on Key issues under Customs compliances & Incentives GST Audit & Investigations. The Session was focussed on: (a) Export & Import procedures including SOFTEX, Custom Bonded Warehouse Scheme (b) Export & Import incentives – RoDTEP, DBK (c) GST Audits and Investigations – Key issues being raised by authorities. A team of senior representatives from E&Y India addressed the Session.
  • EMS Industry in India: On 2nd September 2021 ESC jointly with EMS NOW organised an interactive Session with EMS NOW, USA who interviewed Mr. Sunil Vachani, MD, Dixon Technologies India Ltd.; and Mr. Vinod Sharma, MD, Deki Electronics Ltd. to learn about the status of EMS in India. The interview was taken by Mr. Philip Stoten and Mr. Eric Miscoll, EMS NOW, USA.
  • ESC West Bengal Members Meet: On 16th September 2021, ESC organised ESC’s West Bengal members meet to discuss about State level issues and recommendations besides export promotion activities to be carried out.
  • ESC Odisha Members Meet: On 17th September 2021, ESC organised ESC’s Odisha members meet to discuss about State level issues and recommendations besides export promotion activities to be carried out
  • Vanijya Utsav: On 21-22 September 2021, ESC in association with MPSIDC organised Vanijya Utsav at Minto Hall in Bhopal. Around 100 participants including academia, senior government officials both from centre and state, industry, etc. participated in the Summit. The industry participants included from sectors like Agro, food processing, IT, Engineering goods, Electrical industry, etc. Additionally, ESC organised electronics exporters participation in Vanijya Utsav in Delhi. Provided speakers in other States where Vanijya Utsav was being organised.
  • Accelerating Business Growth for SMEs: On 24th September 2021, ESC organised a session on Accelerating Business Growth for SMEs with focus on marketing strategies. The guest speaker was Mr. Gagan Kapoor, Chief Marketing Consultant, Go4Growth Consulting. Mr. Kapoor is a United Nations Empanelled Consultant and carries over 21 years of experience in marketing and has over 8 years of experience as a trainer. <1/li>
  • India-Togo B2B in Electronics: On 29th September 2021, ESC organised a B2B meet between Indian Electronics companies and buyers from Togo. The meet was chaired by Shri Sanjiv Tandon, Ambassador, Embassy of India, Lome, Togo.
  • Meeting with CGI of India in Munich: A meeting was organised on 29th September, 2021 between officials of CGI Munich, Germany and ESC officials and members to formulate strategy for enhancing India’s electronics and software export to Germany. Dr. Suyash Chavan, Head of the Commerce Wing and Mr. Virender Kumar, Vice Consul participated in the meeting.
  • Interaction with Electronics Industry: On 30th September 2021, ESC invited electronics and IT companies for a detailed discussion on various Government schemes for enhancing exports.
  • Digitech Expo (India and ASEAN): On 6-7 October 2021, ESC organised Virtual Exhibition and B2B meet namely DIGITECH EXPO with buyers from the ASEAN region. There were 27 Indian ICT exhibitors and 60+ buyers from ASEAN region.
  • Session on Navigating Direct Tax Compliances: On 13 October 2021, ESC organised a session on Navigating Direct Tax Compliances. The session focussed on Faceless assessments, TDS Audits, Transfer Pricing, etc., Experts from E&Y addressed the session and answered queries raised by the participants.
  • B2B meet with Bangladesh: On 21st October 2021, ESC in association with Indian Mission in Bangladesh organised a B2B meet between Indian and Bangladeshi ICT companies.
  • Session on Trade Debt – How to safeguard company Trade receivables: With a view to inform members about various nuances related to Trade Credit Insurance, Council organised an Online Session on the topic Trade Debt – How to Safeguard Trade Receivables on 22 October 2021. The participants were able to understand what Trade Credit Insurance is and what are the risks covered (and not covered), how to mitigate the trade risk and expand sales to new buyer category/ country, designing a policy that suits their needs and how TCI compares with other Risk Mitigation Techniques (debt collection). The Session addressed by a team of experts from Origin Insurance Brokers India Pvt Ltd (OIBI). 34B2B meet with Germany in Electronics: On 22nd October 2021, ESC organised a B2B meet between Indian ICT companies and delegates from Germany.
  • India-EU/ UK ICT Business Alliance Meet: On 28-29 October 2021, ESC organised India-EU/ UK ICT Business Alliance Meet. 25 Indian ICT Companies met over 50 delegates from European countries and UK.
  • INDIA-MALI B2B in Electronics : On 10th November 2021, ESC in association with Embassy of India, Mali organised a B2B meet in the electronics sector.
    36Session on Ubharte Sitare Fund by SIDBI Venture Capital Ltd (SVCL): SIDBI Venture Capital Ltd (SVCL) has launched Ubharte Sitare Fund to adequately fund small and medium sized units. To enable members know details of the Fund and help them access funding under the same, Council organised a Virtual Interactive Session with Shri S.P. Singh, CEO, SIDBI Venture on 12 November 2021.
  • India-Ghana B2B in electronics: On 12th November 2021, ESC in association with High Commission of India, Ghana organised a B2B meet in the electronics sector.
  • INDIA-MALTA B2B in Electronics: On 15 November 2021, ESC with the help of Indian Mission in Malta organised B2B meet of members with buyers from Malta.
  • India-Argentina B2B in Electronics: On 17th November 2021, ESC in association with Embassy of India in Argentina organised B2B meet between Indian and Argentinian electronics industry.
  • Digital India Meet Expo (India and NAFTA): On 22-23 November 2021, ESC organised an expo of 30 Indian ICT companies inviting buyers from NAFTA countries.
  • India-Mauritius B2B Meet in Electronics : On 24th November 2021, ESC organised a B2B meet between Indian and Mauritian Electronics companies.
  • India-UAE B2B Meet in Electronics : On 25th November 2021, ESC organised a B2B meet between Indian and UAE’s Electronics companies.
  • India-Mozambique B2B Meet in Electronics : On 30th November 2021, ESC organised a B2B meet between Indian and Mozambique Electronics companies.
  • SOFTWAVE KOREA: ESC organised participation of 12 ICT companies in Softwave, South Korea on 01-03 December 2021 held on Coex Exhibition and Convention Centre in Seoul.
  • India-Azerbaizan B2B in Electronics: on 07th December 2021, ESC organised B2B meet between Indian and Azerbaijani electronics and IT Companies with the help of Embassy of Indian in Azerbaijan.
  • India-Bhutan B2B in Electronics: on 08th December 2021, ESC organised B2B meet between Indian and Bhutanese electronics and IT Companies with the help of Embassy of Indian in Bhutan.
  • India-Africa ICT Business Alliance Meet: On 15-16 December 2021, ESC organised B2B between Indian and African ICT companies. The Indian companies showcased their ICT products and services to buyers from African continent.
  • India-Vietnam B2B in Electronics: On 21st December 2021, ESC organised B2B meet between India and Vietnam in electronics sector.
    49Meeting with IT Delegation from Uzbekistan: On 22nd December 2021, ESC organised a meeting of member companies with IT Delegation from Uzbekistan. The delegation was headed by Mr. Oleg Pekos, 1st Deputy Minister, Ministry of Development of IT and Communications. The delegation was accompanied by Mr. Bokhodir Ayupov, Chief Overseas Operations, IT Park, Uzbekistan.
  • India-Singapore B2B in Electronics: ESC along with Singapore India Chamber of Commerce and Industry organised members B2B meet with delegates from Singapore on 12th January 2022.
  • Meeting with STPI DG: Shri Sandeep Narula, Chairman and Shri Gurmeet Singh, Executive Director, ESC met Shri Arvind Kumar, DG, STPI on 19 January 2022. Among other issues, Chairman, ESC called for simplifying the complex and costly requirement of filing SOFTEX by exporting units. Appreciating the problems faced by exporters, DG readily agreed to not only simplify the process but also to exempt small and medium sized exporters
  • from the requirement. Exact threshold for exemption to be decided soon. DG also agreed to rationalise applicable fee so as to re
    State Committee Meetings:

    ESC has constituted Regional Committees for North, East, South and West regions.
    Chairmen of Regional Committees held a series of virtual meetings with members from different states with a view to constitute State Chapters. These meetings were aimed at making members aware about constitution of Regional Committees and State Chapters as well as to solicit views of members on various issues confronting industry. Meetings also helped in identifying Convenors for State Chapters who have been given the responsibility of steering Council’s activities in their respective states.
    Issues identified during the meetings are being taken up with appropriate authorities.
    During January 2022, meetings with members from following states were held:-

    A virtual meeting of ESC “Sub-Committee on Software Products” was held on 19 January 2022 under the Chairmanship of Mr. Sanjay Agarwala,
    Convenor. During the discussion, members expressed their opinion on various issues/ problems faced by companies engaged in developing software
    products. It was decided that a charter for Sub-Committee be drawn up so as to take its activities forward.
    54LEAP Saudi Arabia: ESC organised participation of 15 ICT companies in LEAP Saudi Arabia on 01-03 February 2022. The event brings together professionals of futuristic &
    disruptive technologies from around the world.

  • Post Budget Session: ESC organised a knowledge session on the budget 2022 for the benefit of members on 02nd February 2022. Experts from Lakshmikumaran & Sridharan law firm answered to various
    questions raised by the exporters.
  • Session on RECENT GST & CUSTOMS DEVELOPMENTS – AN UPDATE: The Session was organised on 28 February 2022. The Session was addressed by a team of experts from EY India who
    informed members about latest developments in GST and Customs regulations, especially the changes brought in post Union Budget 2022-23.
  • ESC Seminar on Logistics and Export Assistance for ICT Industry:
    The Council organised a seminar on Logistics and Export Assistance for ICT Industry” on 02 March 2022 in Bhubaneshwar to create awareness
    and sensitize the industry.
  • Seminar on Doing Business in Brazil: The Council in association with Indo-Brazil Chambers of Commerce, Brazil organised a seminar along with B2B Networking
    Meet on 15 March 2022. The event was attended by several industry members.
    58India-Qatar B2B: On 17th March 2022 ESC, IBPC and Embassy of India in Qatar organised a BSM between Indian and Qatari ICT companies.
  • India-Sri Lanka Partnership for Sustained Growth: An interaction between stakeholders from India and Sri Lanka was held on enhancing economic
    engagement including trade and commerce between the two countries for mutual benefit. The meeting was held on 22 March 2022 at Taj Samudra.
  • Session on 6 Years of Digital India: How Successful are we in Transforming India into a Digital Empowered Economy. This was held on 24 March 2022. Moderator: Sanjay
    Agarwala, Executive Board Member, ESC and CEO, Eastern Software Systems.
  • – Arvind Kumar, Director General, Software Technology Parks of India
    – Dr. Inder Gopal, Chief Executive Officer, India Urban Data Exchange
    – Nagesh Shastri, Deputy Director General, National Informatics Centre
    – Arvind Bali, Chief Executive Officer, Telecom Sector Skill Council
  • INDIASOFT 2022: ESC organised the 22nd edition of INDIASOFT on 23-25 March, 2022 at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi. 140 Indian ICT companies showcased their IT products and services
  • to around 270 buyers from over 40 countries.
  • MSME Mega Global Summit: On 24 March 2022, ESC organised MSME Mega Global Summit which was attended by a number of foreign delegates and IT SMEs.
  • Regional Committees & State Chapters:-

    During the year, Council decided to constitute Regional Committees and State Chapters. Broad objectives of Regional Committees and State Chapters include:-
    -To act as face of ESC in the concerned Region and State represented by the Committee or Chapter.
    -To help increase involvement of members in activities of the Council.
    -To help channelize opinion of members on policies, procedures and regulations governing industry and conveying the same to Council secretariat.
    Regional Committees have been constituted one each for North, East, South and West regions. These Committees will be assisted by State Chapters that shall comprise of members based in individual states. So far meetings of following State Chapters have been held and Convenors have been
    nominated for each of them:- Haryana, Punjab, Madhya Pradesh, Odisha, West Bengal, Karnataka and Gujarat.
    Process of constituting other State Chapters is underway.
    ESC incubators in USA and UK: Under the Champion Services Sector Promotion Scheme of Government of India,
    ESC has received approval for the following activities:-


    Setting up Business and Marketing assistance office for Indian IT SMEs in existing infrastructure for soft landing in US.
    ∙10 Indian companies selected ( 5 each for East Coast and West Coast)
    ∙Marketing Executives Finalised


    Setting up Business and Marketing assistance office for Indian IT SMEs in existing infrastructure for soft landing in UK
    ∙10 Indian companies selected (5 each for London and Manchester)
    ∙Marketing Executive Finalised

    Participating Companies and Cities and Marketing Executive:-
    Marketing Executive: Ms. Helen
S. No.
Name of the
Name of the Company
Arjun Menon K
GoodBits Tech Pvt Ltd
Mr. Joe
Neosoft Technologies & Software Limited
David Raja P
SIERRA ODC Private Limited
Gaurav Dhawan
Terrah Technologies Pvt. Ltd
Sudhakar Pantula
Prospecta Technologies India Private Limited
Marketing Executive: Mr. Ravi Mahadeo
S. No. 
Name of the 
Name of the Company 
Preet Chandhoke 
Ashwini Kumar Rath 
Batoi Systems Pvt. Ltd. 
Dr Ramesh Sachdeva 
DSS Systems and Software Technologies Pvt. Ltd. 
Saksham Gupta 
Kamtech Associates Private Limited 
Ashish Thakral 
Advantal Technologies Private Limited  
Marketing Executive: Mr. Harsh Vyas
S. No. 
Name of the 
Name of the Company 
Lomharshan Sharma 
Calibehr Business Support Services Private Limited 
Amritpal Singh Kohli 
FutureSoft India Pvt Ltd 
Velu A P S   
Ecotech Software Pvt. Ltd. 
Nilesh Maheshwari 
Emorphis Software Technology Solutions Pvt Ltd 
Chandrakant Sohandani 
Netwin Infosolutions Pvt. Ltd.
Marketing Executive: Mr. K.C. James
S. No. 
Name of the 
Name of the Company 
Vikas Sinha 
AnmSoft Technologies Pvt Ltd 
Godfree Coelho 
Prodigy Technovations Pvt Ltd 
Anil Kumar Garg 
Checkbox Technology Private Limited 
Aslam Khan 
Octaware Technologies Limited 
Punit Thakkar 
Shivaami Cloud Services Private Limited 

Registration for the 2nd phase of the project is on to select next set of 20 companies.

Website: www.escincubators.in

Soon ESC will be initiating the above projects for the benefit of IT MSMEs.

ESC Contact Details:
Shri Gurmeet SinghExecutive Director
  • Electronics and Computer Software
  • Export Promotion Council ESC House
  • ESC House, No. 155, Okhla Phase-III, New Delhi-110020.
  • Room No : 155, Okhla Phase – III, New Delhi 110020
  • Tel : 91 11 47480000
  • Email : info@escindia.com
  • Website : www.escindia.in
  • Flagship Event : INDIASOFT www.indiasoft.org
  • Flagship Event : INDIA ELECTRONICS EXPO www.indiaelectronicsexpo.com
Mandatory disclosures under RTI Act
Shri Manish Chadha | Joint Secretary
  • Room No: 243, Udyog Bhawan New Delhi
  • Tel : 23063460 (Direct); & 23062261 – Extn. 447
  • Email : chadha[dot]manish[at]gov[dot]in
Shri Alok Malviya | Director
  • Room No : 223-A, Udyog Bhavan, New Delhi
  • Tel : 23063960 (Direct); & 23062261 – Extn. 589
  • Email : alok[dot]malviya[at]nic[dot]in