Shri Narendra Modi
Shri Narendra Modi
Prime Minister of India
Foreign Trade (CIS)
Functions of the Division

All matters relating to India’s trade and economic cooperation with the CIS countries which consist Russia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, Moldova, and Belarus.

The major tasks being looked after by FT- CIS Division in enhancing bilateral trade cooperation with CIS countries are as follows:

  • Monitoring of monthly economic reports prepared by the Indian Commercial Wings in these countries.
  • To hold the meeting of Inter-Governmental Commission (IGC), Joint Working group and Sub-Working Group between India and these countries.
  • Nodal Agency to look after the work of International North South Transport Corridor Project.
Officers in the Division
  • Shri Bidyut Behari Swain : Special Secretary
  • Dr. Surendra Kumar Ahirwar : Joint Secretary
  • Shri S.K. Ranjan : Deputy Secretary
  • Shri Vijay Shanker Pandey : Under Secretary
  • Shri R.K. Ramesh : Section Officer
Trade Agreements & Negotiations

    The institutional mechanism between DoC and CIS countries is as under:

Sr. No. Name of the partner Country NName of the Institutional Mechanism (
Commission/Joint Working Groups and Sub-Working Group) and
its composition
1. Azerbaijan Inter-Governmental Commission Minister of State for Commerce
2. Kyrgyzstan Inter-Governmental Commission -do-
3. Uzbekistan Inter-Governmental Commission -do-
4. Tajikistan Joint Commission Meeting Commerce Secretary
5. Russia Federation Joint Working Group on Trade and Economic Cooperation Joint Secretary
6. Russia Federation Sub-Working Group on Elimination of Barriers in Trade, Economic and Investment Spheres Joint Secretary
7. Kazakhstan Joint Working Group on Trade and Economic Cooperation -do-
8. Kazakhstan Joint Working Group to resolve the outstanding tea debt issue -do-
9. Ukraine Joint Working Group on Trade and Economic Cooperation -do-
Trade Promotion Activities
Meetings held under Inter-Governmental Commission (IGC), Joint Working Group and Sub-Working Group between India and CIS Countries during 2019-2020: –
  • The 10th session of India Belarus IGC on Trade and Economic, Scientific and Technological and Cultural Cooperation was held on 4-5 March, 2020 in New Delhi, India.
  • The 11th Session India-Tajikistan Joint Commission Meeting (JCM) was held on 24th – 25th February, 2020 in New Delhi.
  • The 4th Meeting of India-Ukraine Working Group on Trade and Economic Cooperation was held on 2nd April, 2019 in New Delhi.
Promotional Measures- MDA and MAI Proposals

For the years 2019-2020, there were 51 proposals received under MAI Scheme for CIS countries by different trade bodies and out of which 26 were recommended.

International North South Transport Corridor (INSTC)
  • The 7th meeting of INSTC Coordination Council was held on 4-5 March, 2019 in Tehran, Iran, wherein various issues relating to customs, shipping, road transport, banking and insurance were discussed. It was decided to use TIR and E-TIR mechanism among all members, to conduct a new test run along the corridor and to explore the possibilities of setting up a Multi Modal Joint Corporate to provide hassle free movement of the cargo.
  • Keeping in view the strategic importance, it has been decided to include Chabahar Port into INSTC project. Embassy of India, Tehran, Iran has been requested to impress upon all the INSTC member countries and prepare a consensus in this regard and also to get this issue include in the agenda of the next INSTC meeting.
  • The next Meeting is to be held in Azerbaijan in 2020.
RTI Related Matters
Shri S. K. Ranjan Deputy Secretary
  • Room No : 280 B, Udyog Bhawan, New Delhi- 110107
  • Tel : 011-23063624