Shri Narendra Modi
Shri Narendra Modi
Prime Minister of India
Functions of the Division
  • Policies and Procedures relating to GeM, dealt in Supply Division;
  • Issues arising out of deviations in the existing policy and procedures relating to GeM;
  • Annual Report for GeM
  • Processing of Material for Budget Speech of Finance Minister and address of the President of Indiato both Houses of Parliament,PM’s Independence Day Speech related to GeM.
  • Processing of Cabinet Notes/ Committee of Secretaries Notes (CoS) received from GeM.
    Processing of various Action taken reports(ATRs)/ updation on Cabinet decisions/ Committee
    of Secretaries decisions for e-samiksha related to GeM.
  • Work related to various Monthly reports i.e. Monthly achievement of division for perusal of
    HCIM, Monthly DO letter to Cabinet Secretary, Monthly D.O. for Financial Advisor, Monthly
    report on expenditure through GeM etc.
  • Coordination for input and processing with regard to receipts/VIP references, Hon’ble Minister references, CIM references, PMO references related fo GeM.
  • Parliament Questions/ Public Grievances/VIP References/ RTI Applications relating to GeM,
    dealt in Supply Division.
  • References/ Representations received from buyers/ sellers in respect of GeM portal
  • Co-ordination with various sections in Supply Division, GeM and CCA
  • Circulation of important orders/instructions received from Ministries/departments to Supply
  • Compiling and submitting Periodical Reports/ Returns
  • Matters relating to the status of the pending Court Cases for GeM.
  • Co-ordination work to the extent this does not specifically stand allocated to Sections in the Supply Division
Officers in the Division
  • Shri Anant Swarup : Joint Secretary
  • Shri Manish Rai Mathur : Director
  • Shri Deepesh Gehlot : Deputy Director
  • Shri Pankaj Kumar Sinha : Section Officer
Mandatory disclosures under RTI Act

Details of Public Information Officers

Shri Deepesh GehlotDeputy Director
  • Room No : 227-C, C- Wing Nirman Bhava
  • Tel : 23062946
  • Email : deepeshgehlot[dot]dgsnd[at]gov
Shri Manish Rai MathurDirector
  • Room No : 227-C, C-Wing, Jeevan Tara Building
  • Tel : 23062805
  • Email : manishraimathur[dot]dgsnd[at]gov[dot]in
Shri Anant SwarupJoint Secretary
  • Room No : 216, Udyog Bhavan
  • Tel : 23013315
  • Email : anant[dot]swarup[at]nic[dot]in