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S.No. Q.No. Q.Type Date Member Subject English File Hindi File
2661643117UNSTARRED 20.03.2020Rajkumar Dhoot Revamping of SEZ PolicyEnglish FileHindi File
2661633116UNSTARRED 20.03.2020Majeed Memon Export of CopperEnglish FileHindi File
2661623115UNSTARRED 20.03.2020Sukhram Singh Yadav Revelation in Annual Report of Export Promotion CouncilEnglish FileHindi File
2661613114UNSTARRED 20.03.2020Chhaya Verma Adverse effects on Indian economy due to CoronavirusEnglish FileHindi File
2661603113UNSTARRED 20.03.2020Vishambhar Prasad Nishad Entry of American products in Indian dairy and poultry marketEnglish FileHindi File
2661593112UNSTARRED 20.03.2020Naresh Gujral Withdrawal of MFN status to PakistanEnglish FileHindi File
2661583111UNSTARRED 20.03.2020Kamakhya Prasad Tasa New tea auction centre in AssamEnglish FileHindi File
2661573110UNSTARRED 20.03.2020Harnath Singh Yadav Toxic chemicals in the products imported from ChinaEnglish FileHindi File
2661563109UNSTARRED 20.03.2020Amar Shankar Sable Impact on industries due to CoronavirusEnglish FileHindi File
2661543107UNSTARRED 20.03.2020Vijay Goel Special Economic Zones in the countryEnglish FileHindi File
2661533106UNSTARRED 20.03.2020K.J. Alphons Impact on export of polished diamonds due to CoronavirusEnglish FileHindi File
2661503103UNSTARRED 20.03.2020Narain Dass Gupta Balance of trade with South Asian countriesEnglish FileHindi File
2661493102UNSTARRED 20.03.2020Tiruchi Siva Reduction in imports owing to outbreak of CoronavirusEnglish FileHindi File
2661483101UNSTARRED 20.03.2020Tiruchi Siva Import policy in IndiaEnglish FileHindi File
2661473100UNSTARRED 20.03.2020Anil Desai Ban on import of Basmati rice from IndiaEnglish FileHindi File
2661463099UNSTARRED 20.03.2020Sushil Kumar Gupta Gifting of tribal items at official functionsEnglish FileHindi File
2661453098UNSTARRED 20.03.2020Rajkumar Dhoot Effect of Coronavirus on Indo China trade and commerceEnglish FileHindi File
2661433096UNSTARRED 20.03.2020Partap Singh Bajwa Economic impact of bilateral Free Trade AgreementsEnglish FileHindi File
2661413051UNSTARRED 20.03.2020Kumar Ketkar Import of edible oilEnglish FileHindi File
266078300STARRED 20.03.2020V. Vijayasai Reddy Decision of WTO Panel on export schemesEnglish FileHindi File
266077295STARRED 20.03.2020Kamakhya Prasad Tasa Review of existing laws governing tea sectorEnglish FileHindi File
2652672297UNSTARRED 13.03.2020Dharmapuri Srinivas Ban on import of Palm OilEnglish FileHindi File
2652652295UNSTARRED 13.03.2020R. Vaithilingam Electronics and Computer Software Export Promotion CouncilEnglish FileHindi File
2652642294UNSTARRED 13.03.2020V. Vijayasai Reddy Stoppage of GSP benefitsEnglish FileHindi File
2652632293UNSTARRED 13.03.2020Kamakhya Prasad Tasa Responsibilities and functions of Tea BoardEnglish FileHindi File
2652622292UNSTARRED 13.03.2020Anand Sharma Ban on import of Palm Oil and electronic items from MalaysiaEnglish FileHindi File
2652602290UNSTARRED 13.03.2020Shanta Chhetri India out of USAs list of developing nationsEnglish FileHindi File
2652592289UNSTARRED 13.03.2020Rajkumar Dhoot Loss of jobs in Gems and Jewellery sectorEnglish FileHindi File
2652582287UNSTARRED 13.03.2020Partap Singh Bajwa Performance of ECGCEnglish FileHindi File
2652572285UNSTARRED 13.03.2020Prabhakar Reddy Vemireddy Subsidy on sugarEnglish FileHindi File
2652542282UNSTARRED 13.03.2020Vikas Mahatme Alternatives to RCEPEnglish FileHindi File
265201218STARRED 13.03.2020Dhiraj Prasad Sahu Transferability under Duty Free Import Authorisation schemeEnglish FileHindi File
2647651838UNSTARRED 06.03.2020Sambhaji Chhatrapati Incentives on export of labourintensive merchandiseEnglish FileHindi File
2647641837UNSTARRED 06.03.2020Manish Gupta Impact of Free Trade AgreementsEnglish FileHindi File
2647611834UNSTARRED 06.03.2020Jose K. Mani Trade deficit with ASEANEnglish FileHindi File
2647591832UNSTARRED 06.03.2020Arun Singh Interruption in supply of raw materials from China due to CoronavirusEnglish FileHindi File
2647571830UNSTARRED 06.03.2020Anand Sharma Duty on non categorised HSN code productsEnglish FileHindi File
2647561829UNSTARRED 06.03.2020V. Vijayasai Reddy Export of cotton to PakistanEnglish FileHindi File
2647551828UNSTARRED 06.03.2020Rajkumar Dhoot Import of onionsEnglish FileHindi File
2647511824UNSTARRED 06.03.2020Rathwa Naranbhai Jemlabhai Slump in refined copper productionEnglish FileHindi File
2647491822UNSTARRED 06.03.2020Vijila Sathyananth Pharma industry in India amid USChina trade warEnglish FileHindi File
2647481821UNSTARRED 06.03.2020Vijila Sathyananth Task force to study coffee sector issuesEnglish FileHindi File
2647471820UNSTARRED 06.03.2020BIRENDRA PRASAD BAISHYA Tea estates in Barak valley in AssamEnglish FileHindi File
2647441817UNSTARRED 06.03.2020T.G. Venkatesh Problems of cashew growersEnglish FileHindi File
2647431816UNSTARRED 06.03.2020S. Muthukaruppan Non tariff barriers on Indian exportsEnglish FileHindi File
264679176STARRED 06.03.2020VAIKO National Logistics PolicyEnglish FileHindi File
264678169STARRED 06.03.2020A. K. Selvaraj Trade discussions between India and U.S.English FileHindi File
263527708UNSTARRED 07.02.2020Sanjay Raut Buying of Palm Oil from MalaysiaEnglish FileHindi File
263526707UNSTARRED 07.02.2020K.K. Ragesh Free Trade Agreement with USEnglish FileHindi File
263525706UNSTARRED 07.02.2020Jose K. Mani Import curbs on Palm Oil from MalaysiaEnglish FileHindi File
263524705UNSTARRED 07.02.2020V. Vijayasai Reddy Decision of WTO Panel on subsidies on export schemesEnglish FileHindi File
263523704UNSTARRED 07.02.2020Harshvardhan Singh Dungarpur Allocation of funds for projects under CSREnglish FileHindi File
263522703UNSTARRED 07.02.2020R. Vaithilingam Decline in tea production in Southern StatesEnglish FileHindi File
263521702UNSTARRED 07.02.2020Vijila Sathyananth Meetings with Export Promotion Councils regarding RCEPEnglish FileHindi File
263520701UNSTARRED 07.02.2020Majeed Memon Decline in production of copperEnglish FileHindi File
263519700UNSTARRED 07.02.2020S. Muthukaruppan India China trade deficitEnglish FileHindi File
263518699UNSTARRED 07.02.2020S. Muthukaruppan Anti dumping duty on Chinese productsEnglish FileHindi File
26345264STARRED 07.02.2020Prabhakar Kore Global challenges in the manufacturing and service sectorsEnglish FileHindi File