Shri Narendra Modi
Shri Narendra Modi
Prime Minister of India
International Trade
Background Note on Ministerial Meeting held on 3-4 September, 2009 in New Delhi

Following the impasse in the talks at the mini-Ministerial meeting of the World Trade Organisation (WTO) held in July 2008, the general opinion amongst WTO Members was that the negotiations should resume at the earliest opportunity. Informal small group discussions took place in September 2008. Multilateral discussions resumed at the WTO in October 2008 and continued through the month of November.
The Director General (DG), WTO made a strong push for convening another Ministerial meeting in December 2008 for finalising modalities for Agriculture and Non-Agricultural Market Access (NAMA). Several Members expressed their reservations on calling Ministers to Geneva with so many issues remaining unresolved. In the US, many voices were raised against a Ministerial meeting. Some important and influential members of the US Congress also urged the Bush Administration not to support the DG’s plans for a Ministerial.
India too expressed reservations about convening another Ministerial meeting in haste given the large number of unresolved issues.
The Chairs of the Negotiating Groups on Agriculture and NAMA brought out the fourth revisions of draft modalities for Agriculture and NAMA on 6 December 2008.
The DG subsequently decided against convening a Ministerial. He proposed the resumption of work in the Negotiating Groups early in 2009, using as a starting point, the revised draft modalities for Agriculture and NAMA issued on 6 December 2008.

Political Calls for Resumption of the Doha Round

The talks are yet to resume formally after the winter break in December. However, the Doha Round has been on the agenda of several major international meetings held in the recent past including meetings of the G-20 on 15 November 2008 and 2 April 2009; the Cairns Group meeting in Bali, Indonesia from 7 to 9 June 2009; the informal meeting of Trade Ministers on the occasion of the OECD Ministerial Council Meeting in June 2009; the G-8 plus 5 meeting in L’Aquila from 8 to10 July 2009; and the APEC Trade Ministers’ meeting in Singapore on 21-22 July 2009. These occasions have been used by the DG, WTO and others to press for early resumption of talks.

Objective of the Delhi Meeting

The pronouncements by Ministers and Heads of State and Governments at various international meetings signal considerable political enthusiasm for an early conclusion of the Doha Round though in some quarters skepticism has been expressed on the anticipated outcome. The Delhi Ministerial meeting in September was intended to help to convert this spontaneous expression of will into commitment so as to re-energise the multilateral process at the WTO.
India is committed to a rule-based multilateral trade regime that is fair and equitable. Multilateralism best serves the needs of developing countries and must be strengthened particularly in this time of economic crisis. An early conclusion of the Doha Round is necessary not only to give a stimulus to the global economy but also to support the Least Developed Countries and Small and Vulnerable Economies and to counter the inevitable tendency of most countries to resort to protectionist measures.
The meeting was as an informal ministerial meeting and should be distinguished from ministerial meetings which are convened by the WTO.
The objective of the meeting is to create political consensus to get the Doha Round back on track so that a multilateral process of discussion can resume at the WTO. Accordingly, discussions on specific areas of the negotiations are not envisaged.

India’s Stand

India is strongly in favour of a fair and equitable rule-based multilateral trade regime, therefore, we are keen to conclude the Doha Round early. We support resumption of the multilateral negotiations at an early date based on the following:
The draft text of 6 December in respect to agriculture and NAMA should be the basis on which further negotiations are held. A substantial amount of work has gone into preparing these texts and there is no reason to review them or to introduce new elements into these texts.
Development in the developing countries is at the core of these negotiations. Food and livelihood security of the poor is critical to developing countries and cannot be compromised under any circumstances.
All issues being discussed in the negotiations are part of a single undertaking; therefore, adequate balance amongst major issues has to be ensured in the agreement.


All members of the G-20 alliance of developing countries were invited as this group and had been a major driving force in the negotiations. Apart from the G-20, country coordinators of other groups active in the negotiations as well as some key players such as the US, Australia and New Zealand were invited. Other invitees were the Director General of the WTO, Pascal Lamy and the Chairs of the Negotiating Groups on Agriculture, Non-agricultural Market Access and Services. A list of invitees is attached as Annex 1. Participation in the meeting was in the ‘Minister plus 2’ format.

Tentative Programme

The Ministerial meeting commenced by mid-day on 3 September and closed by the evening of 4 September. This was preceded by a meeting of Senior Officials on 2 September 2009.
The visiting Ministers called on the Hon’ble Prime Minister on 4 September 2009.

Annex I: List of participants in the informal Ministerial Meeting
Country/ Organisation Minister/ Minister rank Senior Officials Accompanying Officials
ARGENTINA H.E. Jorge Enrique Taiana
Minister of External Relations, International Commerce and Worship
Buenos Aires
Mr Alfredo Chiaradia
Mr Alberto Dumont
  1. Ms Mariana Llorente
  2. Ms Florencia Colombo
  3. Mr Eduardo Ruben  Tempone
  4. Mr. Francisco Lopez Achaval
AUSTRALIA H.E. Simon Crean
Minister of Trade
Mr Peter Gray
Mr Bruce Gosper
  1. Mr Benjamin Craig
  2. Simon Newnham
  3. Andrew Martin (not regd)
  4. Mr Clinton Porteous
  5. David Holly
BARBADOS Mr Trevor Clarke
BOLIVIA H.E. Pablo Guzman Laugier,
Vice Minister
Ms Angelica Navarro
BRAZIL H.E. Celso Luiz Nunez Amorim
Minister of External Relations
Mr Roberto Azevedo
Mr Carlos Marcio Cozendey
  1. Mr. Paulo Estivallet de Mesquita
  2. Mr. Braz  Baracuhy
  3. Mr. Marco Brandao
  4. Mr. Pedro Terra
  5. Mr. Jose Carlos Fonseca
  6. Ms Christiana Lamazière
  7. Mr Krishnan Kumar
  8. Mr. Sergio Carvalho
  9. Ms. Marcela Pompeu Sogocio
  10. Mr. Flavio Werneck
  11. Mrs Maria Laura da Rocha
  12. Mr. Sergio Santos
  13. Mr. Mauricio Lyrio
  14. Mr. Pedro Saldanha
  15. Mr. Juliano Maia
BURKINA FASO H.E. Mamadou Sanou
Minister of Commerce
Mr Prosper Vokouma
Mr Seriba Ouattara
Mr  Idriss Raoua Ouedraogo
CANADA H.E. Gerald Keddy,
Parliamentary Secretary
Mr Gilles Gauthier
Mr Don Stephenson
  1. Ms Sarah McLean
  2. Mr. Mark Strasser
CHILE H.E Carlos Furche,
Vice Minister of External Trade
Mr Mario Matus
Mr Alvaro Espinoza
Mr. Emilio  Araya
Mr. Nestor  Riveros
Mr.  Alfonso Silva
CHINA H.E. Chen Deming
Minister of Commerce
Ms.  Xiaolin Chai
Mr. Zhenyu Sun
  1. Mr.  Zengbin Zhou
  2. Ms.  Yan Xiong
  3. Mr.  Wei Peng
  4. Mr.  Rongkai Chen
  5. Mr.  Xiaoxu Han
  6. Mr.  Wentao Liang
  7. Mr.  Xiang Xia
  8. Mr.  Ning He
  9. Mr. Yongfu Sun
  10. Mr. Lei Luo
  11. Mr. Dianxun Liu
  12. Mr. Huaxue wang
  13. Mr. Gang Peng
  14. Mr. Hao Chen
  15. Mrs. Lei Gao
  16. Mr. Dashui He
  17. Mrs. Yao Yu
  18. Mr.  Changsheng Hou
  19. Mrs. Yizhuo Zhang
  20. Mr. Yandi Tang
  21. Ms. Jin Yu
  22. Mr.  Yiting Wan
  23. Mr.  Jingjie Fu
  24. Mr.  Wen Cao
  25. Mr. Lichun Zhou
  26. Mr. Jiannan Liu
CUBA Mr Eduardo Iglesias Quintana
Mr Ferrer Rodriguez
EC H.E. Baroness Catherine Ashton
European Commissioner for Trade
European Communities, Brussels
H.E. Mariann Fischer Boel
Agriculture Commissioner
Mr. David O Sullivan
Mr. James Morrison
Mr. Klaus-Dieter Borchardt
Mr. Jean-Luc Demarty
  1. Mr. Gwilym Jones
  2. Mr. Lutz Guellner
  3. Mr. Denis Redonnet
  4. Mr. Michael Mann
  5. Mr. Robert Norris
  6. Mr. Douglas Brew
  7. Mr. Eric Peters
  8. Mr. Daniele Smadja
  9. Mr Carsten Sorensen
  10. Mr Sunil Kumar
  11. Mr Carlos Bermejo-Acosta
  12. Mr Teodora Figueira
ECUADOR H.E. Fander Falconi
Minister of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Integration
H.E. Diego Borjas,
Mr Carlos Abad
Mr Cesar Montano
  1. Ms Cecilia Gutierrez
  2. Mr Cristian Mancheno
EGYPT H.E. Rachid Mohamed Rachid
Minister of Trade and Industry
Dr Samiha Fawzy
Mr Hesham Badr
  1. Mr Walid El Nozahy
  2. Ms Eman refaat Nasr
  3. Ms Azza kamal Ahmed
  4. Mr Mohammed Ahmed Mohamed
  5. Mr Sherif Mohamed Sameh
  6. Mr.Muhammad Abdullah
  7. Mr.Tarek Kashwaa
INDONESIA H.E. Ms Mari Elka Pangestu
Minister of Trade
Mr Gusmardi Bustami
Ms Sondang Anggraini
  1. Ms Ranitya Kusumadewi
  2. Mr Erwidodo
  3. Mr Antonius Yudi Triantoro
  4. Mr. Deny Wachyudi Kurnia
  5. Mr. Tonny Hendriawan
Vice Minister
Mr. Shuji Yamada
Vice Minister
  1. Ms Munakata Naoko
  2. Mr. Toshiro Iijima
  3. Mr. Shin Yokoyama
  4. Mr. Kazuhiro  Takahashi
  5. Mr Suzuki Hideo
  6. Mr. Tsutomu Himeno
  7. Mr Nikai Naoya
  8. Mr Akiyama Takeshi
  9. Mr Okada Hideichi
  10. Mr Takashina Jun
  11. Mr Sashida Takaaki
  12. Mr. Shigezane Saneshige
  13. Ms Yano Chieko
  14. Ms Omori Hiroko
  15. Mr. Osamu Hashiramoto
  16. Mr. Yoshitomo Kondo
  17. Mr Watanabe Tetsuya
  18. Mr Hattori Keiji
  19. Mr Miura kenji
  20. Mr Toyofuku Kenichiro
  21. Mr Takahashi rou
  22. Mr Nonaka Teiichiro
  23. Mr Uchida Ryoji
  24. Mr Saito Daisaku
  25. Mr Tada Akihiro
  26. Mr. Kentaro Nishi
  27. Mr. Masayuki Yamashita
  28. Mr. Hirofumi Uchida
  29. Mr. Takashi Sadakane
  30. Mr. Shigeki Omura
  31. Mr. Kosuke Ikeda
  32. Mr. Minoru Yamamoto
  33. Mr. Kazuhiro Shimane
  34. Ms. Yuko Masaki
  35. Mr. Yasuo Sasaki
  36. Mr. Koryo Onuma
  37. Mr. Takuma Nakagawa (not attending)
  38. Mr. Akira Hayashida
  39. Mr. Ko Hikasa
  40. Mr. Masatsugu Okita
  41. Mr. Satoru Komuta
  42. Ms. Mitsuko Sumita
  43. Ms. Keiko Tominaga
  44. Mr. Fumiaki Sano
  45. Mr. Keishii Tokuda
  46. Mr. Shinobu Yoshimura
  47. Mr. Masaki Yasumatsu
  48. Mr. Shinichi Kitajima
MALAYSIA H.E. Yb Dato Mustapa Bin Mohamed
Minister of International Trade and Industry
Kuala Lumpur
Dr Rebecca Fatima Maria
Ms Hiswani Harun
  1. Dr Sarinder Kumari Oam Prakash
  2. Mr Muthafa Yosaf
  3. Mr Wan Mazlan Wan Mahmood
  4. Mr Mohs Noor Rahid Mat Taharim
  5. Ms Sumathi Balakrishnan
  6. Mr Mohs Nizam Mohd Khir
  7. Mr. Mohamed Irwan Mansor
MAURITIUS H.E. Dr Arvin Boolell
Minister of Foreign Affairs, Regional Integration and International Trade
Port Louis
Mr Servansing Shree Baboo
Mr. Mookhesswur Choonee
Mr  Khemraj Jingree
Mr Vikash Neethalia
MEXICO Mr Fernando De Mateo Mr.  Javier Basulto
Minister of Trade
Mr Nigel Donald Fyfe
Mr Reuben Anthony Joannes Levermore
  1. Mr Rupert Holborow
  2. Mr John Subrinsky
  3. Ramita Kumar
  4. Michelle Wanwimolruk
NIGÉRIA H.E. Chief Achike Udenwa
Minister of Commerce and Industry
A.B. Abhikoye
Mr David Adulugba
PAKISTAN Mr. Suleman  Ghani
Dr Tashfeen Khan
  1. Mr Shahid Malik
  2. Mr Mohammed Anwar Khan
  3. Mr Syed Zulfikar Gardezi
  4. Mr Shah Zaman Khan
  5. Mr Babar Amin
  6. Mr Imran Haider
  7. Mr Akhtar Ali Khan
PERU Mr.  Carlos Alberto Yrigoyen Forno
Mr Paul Duclos
PHILIPPINES H.E. Thomas Aquino
Senior Undersecretary
Dr. Segfredo  Serrano
Ambassador Manuel A.J. Teehankee
  1. Francisco Benedicto
  2. Iric Arribas
  3. Raymond Batac
  4. Vichael Angelo Roaring
Minister for Trade
Mr Sung Joo Lee
Mr Seok Young Choi
Minister of Trade and Industry,
Mr Xavier Carim
Mr Faisel Ismail
  1. Ms Gerda Van Dijk
  2. Mr Jardine Omar
  3. Francis Moloi
SWITZERLAND H.E. Doris Leuthard
Head of the Federal Department of Economic Affairs (FDEA)
Ms Marie-Gabrielle Ineichen-Fleisch
Mr Jacques Chavaz
  1. Mr Phillipe Welti
  2. Mr Dainel Freihofer
  3. Ms Sandra Lauchli
TANZANIA H.E. Mary Nagu,
Minister for Trade Industry and Marketing
Dar- es- Salaam
Mr Marten Lumbanga
Mr Mohamed Dewji
THAÏLAND H.E. Porntiva Nakasai
Minister of Commerce
  1. Ms Nuntawan Sakuntanaga
  2. Ms Nisa Srisuworanant
  1. Mr Somkiat Triratpan
  2. Mr Tanapat Chaijaroienpat
  3. Mr Anurat Khokasai
  4. Mr Thanaporn Sruyakul
  5. Mr Somwang Jarasjanyawat
  6. Mr Satish Sehgal
  7. Ms Pimchanok Vonkhorporn
  8. Mr Niwat Apichartbutra
  9. Mr Pathkamol Dattibongs
  10. Ms Parima Damrithamanij
TRINIDAD & TOBAGO H.E. Mariano Browne
Trade and Industry Minister,
Port of Spain
Mr Randall Karim Ms Urvashi Ramnarine
Ms Kiva Clarke
URUGUAY H.E. Nelson Fernandez,
Vice Minister
Mr Guillermo Valles
Mr Cesar Ferrer
USA H.E.Ron Kirk,
United States Trade Representative
Mr Matt Rohde
Mr Mike Delaney
  1. Mr.  Deepak Malhotra
  2. Mr. Unni  Menon
  3. Mr. R P Bhattacharya
  4. Ms. Gandhi Sudha
  5. Ms.  Elizabeth  Fitzsimmons
  6. Mr. Torrey Goad
  7. Ms. Meena Sanyal
  8. Ms. Nicole Weber
  9. Mr. William Glady
  10. Mr. Eric Truitt
  11. Mr. Eric Fried
  12. Mr. John Corso
  13. Mr. Anthony Opie
  14. Mr Brett Rosenthal
  15. Ms. Carol Guthrie
  16. Ms. Devorah Adler
Director General
Ambassador David Walker,
Chairman of the Special Session of Committee on Agriculture
Ambassador Lucius Wasescha,
Chairman of the Negotiating Group on Market Access
Ambassador Fernando de Mateo
Chairman of the Services Negotiating Group
Ms Arancha Gonzalez Laya
ZIMBABWE Prof. Welshman Ncubi
Minister of Industry
Ms J.H. Nyakatawa Passmore Chimanikire