Shri Narendra Modi
Shri Narendra Modi
Prime Minister of India
Tea Production For 2016-17

New Delhi,2nd June 2017

Tea Board has finalised the production of tea in India for 2016-17 and arrived at 1250.49 M Kgs as against 1233.14 M Kgs, which is an increase of 17.35 M kgs (1.41%) as compared to last year. North India production increased substantially in June, September and November as compared to its corresponding period, resulting in increase of production in 2016-17. The tea production has reached highest ever in Indian Tea Industry.

North India production increased by 34.55 M.Kgs (3.43%) of which West Bengal is a major contributor with 27.69M.Kgs (8.40%);
South India production decreased by 17.20 M.Kgs (-7.66%) of which Tamil Nadu is a major contributor with 17.82 M.Kgs (-11.03%).


Share of Estate (EF) and Bought Leaf Factory (BLF) production on All India is at 64.94% and 35.06% respectively as compared to 66.15% and 33.85% of corresponding period. Region wise breakup of EF and BLF are given below:-
(in M Kgs)

State Est BLF Total Est% BLF%
North India 681.87 361.24 1043.11 65.37 34.63
South India 130.21 77.17 207.38 62.79 37.21
All India 812.08 438.41 1250.49 64.94 35.06

In order to get the clear production details in respect of Small tea growers, the Board amended the FORM E (under TMCO) with effect from April, 2016 and arrived the all India average of Small Growers share of production at 44.01%.

Region wise production share of Small Growers (SG) and the organised sector (BG) is given below:
(in M Kgs)

BG SG Total BG% SG%
North India 6583.32 459.79 11043.11 55.92 44.08
South India 116.87 90.51 207.38 56.36 43.64
All India 700.19 550.30 1250.49 55.99 44.01